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What are mistakes which you need to avoid when you’re hitting the gym?

Most of the people know that gym can cause injuries as well. The thing is that if you are able to conduct exercises properly, there is no fear of injury. A lot will be dependent on the trainer which you have at the gym. As a result, you have…

3 Things You Need To Do In Order To Maintain Your Lawn

While planting the plants as well as the grass is a one-time effort which you need to take but when it comes to lawn maintenance as well as landscaping, there are a few things which you have to practice consistently. Only once you are able to…

Why is studying important in young people

For some children of school age, the study becomes interesting, which allows them to make good use of their potentialities. But for other children, for the vast majority, the study becomes somewhat unpopular, boring, which forces them to perform…

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The best release this summer!

We have a limited supply of our releases on CD’s. If you are interested in owning your very own Nathan King CD loaded with great music get in touch with us.

Tour Dates

Our Tours are Over

We have had a great time traveling the world and sharing our music with all those who enjoy and love us. We are greatful that our band has had this opportunity to share our true hard work and we are grateful that our fans let us express our emotions through music. We will no longer have any future tours.

Win a meet greet with the band!

We are always happy to meet our fans and guests. This could be your chance to visit one of the legendary music artist in the world!

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